Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Shepherd's Life, or: The Lake District is more than William Wordsworth

James Rebanks reflects on the worldwide response to his book, The Shepherd's Life in: One shepherd and his beloved Herdwick sheep. Rebanks reckons his Twitter feed is popular because it offers a glimpse behind the scenes of a way of life that most people will never experience.

See also David Craig's review in the Guardian, which reports the (little known?) fact that James Rebanks has a second job advising the Unesco World Centre in Paris on how to help communities to benefit from tourism.

Unfortunately, the BBC Book of the Week podcast series isn't available at present. Hopefully it will be back at some point.

The Nurture Eden trails seem well worth exploring, as does Nurture Lakeland, which, according to the website, was originally launched in 1994 as the 'Lake District Tourism and Conservation Partnership' and rebranded in 2008 to "recognise the new challenge of climate change and the role we could play in promoting responsible tourism".