Friday, February 19, 2016


Forget the tedious Brexit saga, the refugee crisis or the alarming prospect of the insufferable Mr Trump becoming president. One of the key questions in Britain these days is: should croissants be curved or straight? In a move that can only be described as bold, Tesco decided to lift the burden of choice from customers by abandoning the traditional curved version. See Guardian article here. The French President was unavailable for comment.

Tesco is replacing the traditional crescent shape croissant
with a straight version. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

From a linguistic perspective, the Oxford English Dictionary was unavailable for comment on the term luxury problem, which would suggest that it is not yet an 'official' (British) English term – unlike the German Luxusproblem, which the Duden defines as: Problem, das gegenüber anderen, gewichtigeren als unbedeutend angesehen wird. The other meaning, in case you are wondering, is: Problem, das im Vorhandensein mehrerer guter Lösungsmöglichkeiten in einer besonders günstigen Gesamtsituation besteht.