Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

IT - Thunderbird: How to change "undisclosed recipients" in bcc messages

Instructions provided by Parish in the Thunderbird support newsgroup.

The file that has to be modified (en_US.jar) is located in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\chrome

1. *Backup en_US.jar*
2. Create an empty directory - C:/foo for this example.
3. Using WinZip open en-US.jar and extract to C:/foo but make sure you check "Use folder names"
4. Open C:/foo/locale/en-US/messenger/messengercompose/ in your favourite text editor.
5. Find the text (it's line 227)
6. Edit the text to taste and save the file.
7. In WinZip, open en-US.jar again and click the Add icon, then
+ navigate to C:/foo
+ leave *.* in "File name"
+ check "Include sub-folders" in the "Folders" panel
+ select "Freshen existing files" in the "Actions" drop-down
+ click "Freshen with wildcards"

Note the steps in 7. are important as they ensure WinZip replaces the existing file, rather than add it as a new file in the root (without a path)

I would still be interested in finding out how to get rid of the ":;" characters at the end of the To field.