Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Monday, August 04, 2014

A visitor centre fit for a king

Leicester-based writer, editor, poet and blogger Sally Jack is impressed by the King Richard III Visitor Centre, which opened the other day. I look forward to visiting the centre in due course.

The visitor centre website looks good, too, but I feel (quite strongly) that the lower-case spelling of the website address, i.e. kriii.com, isn't fit for a king. In fact I think it looks quite silly/ridiculous.

It should be advertised (on leaflets etc.) as KRIII.com

Since web addresses aren't case-sensitive, both versions take virtual visitors to the right place, but the KRIII.com version certainly looks more 'regal'.

For Scotland, the independence debate is about more than the economy, stupid

Interesting analysis of the Scottish referendum situation by Chris Huhne in The Guardian, with reference to the nail-biting outcome of the Quebec referendum in 1995, which according to Wikipedia had a staggering turnout of 93.52%.

One of Chris Huhne's main conclusions at this stage is this:

The main motive, if Scots opt for independence, will be their desire to shake off the incubus of English conservatism.