Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is translation?

According to latest issue of Jost Zetzsche's excellent Tool Kit newsletter, translation is not "something" that multilingual people do, but a profession of highly qualified individuals who themselves can do a lot to make this apparent for anyone who cares to look.

Jost goes on to distil some overarching themes from the recently published book, The Prosperous Translator, into six useful bullet points:
  • Writing skills in the target language are one of the key components to success as a translator.
  • Above-average subject-specific knowledge is another key to success.
  • There is great value in membership and active participation in professional associations.
  • Networking with colleagues and clients is essential.
  • Low prices devalue your proposal and make you less attractive.
  • There is lots and lots of work out there for lots and lots of us, provided that we adhere to the points listed above.

Jost concludes that: the (translation) world would truly be a better place if we followed these suggestions (and if those who can't would choose a different profession!).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We owe the internet for changing the world. Now let's learn how to turn off

Next time we have people round for dinner or meet friends in the pub etc. and they get carried away with their blasted smartphones, I'll point them to this article that appeared in the Guardian's Comment is free section yesterday:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oma Ziska (Franziska Gutfleisch)

Bin beim Aufräumen gerade mal wieder auf den Nachruf auf meine Oma Ziska (Franziska Gutfleisch) aus dem Mannheimer Morgen vom 19.11.2002 gestoßen und finde, dass sie durchaus endlich einmal eine Erwähnung im Internet verdient hat!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Swan & Rushes real ale pub, Leicester

'Re-discovered' an excellent traditional pub just up the road yesterday evening - see Swan & Rushes website at