Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What fox hunters could learn from the Maasai Olympics

The other day I signed the petition to ban the Atherstone Hunt from accessing Market Bosworth Country Park, which reached more than 2200 signatures within just a few days. It is worth watching the alarming video clip on the petition page. This is the 'reason' I gave for signing the petition: "Fox hunting is a disgraceful 'sport' that isn't fit for the 21st century, just like other so-called sporting activities involving the killing of animals".

For background on The Hunting Act 2004 it is worth reading the Wikipedia page.

The excellent article published in The Conversation today under the heading What fox hunters could learn from the Maasai Olympics expresses similar sentiments. Quote: "Many people accept that their motivations to hunt are no longer appropriate in a modern society where food is easily available. Fishermen practice catch and release, and hunters can shoot clay pigeons".

Any similarities with the 'cover photo' in the Conversation article and the 'blast from the past' photo from my school days at KFG in Heidelberg are, of course, purely coincidental...