Friday, March 27, 2015

Richard III: The King has returned

What an amazing few days it has been in and for Leicester! There can be no doubt that Leicester and Leicestershire have handled the unique historic situation with impressive aplomb. John Sergeant summed it up very nicely during the coverage of the burial on Channel 4 yesterday:

Well done Leicester!

On Sunday we managed to position ourselves in a good spot on top of a wall outside St Nicholas Church to to 'soak up the atmosphere' and see the cortege. Shame about the inferior quality of the pictures I took with my phone camera. I'm still hoping that a chap who stood next to us and had a 'more serious' camera will email me some of his pics, but I suppose that hope is fading now...

Then straight back home on our bikes to watch the live coverage on TV.

On a related note it seems appropriate to mention the guided walk under the heading "Last Journeys of King Richard III" we attended on 27 July 2013, led by Leicester Civic Society Chairman Stuart Bailey. The photo below shows the Richard III statue in its original location at Castle Gardens (before it was moved to its new location between the KRIII visitor centre and the Cathedral). The other photo shows the dig site.

The number of noteworthy reports of the week's events in various local, national and international newspapers and other media is too numerous to list. Here are just a few highlights:

Looking forward to viewing the tomb in due course, and to visiting the KRIII visitor centre at last.

Richard III tomb, image by van Heningen and Haward architects

Amazing atmosphere at Friday's Leicester Glows event with over 8000 large candles around Jubilee Square, Cathedral Gardens and the surrounding streets, marking the end of an historic week for the city and county.