Friday, March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse

Excellent coverage of the solar eclipse on BBC One's Eclipse Live, with extensive reporting from Leicester and brilliant live images from a plane flying over the Faroe Islands.

Here is a somewhat less impressive, but nevertheless interesting image of my 'high-tech colander solarscope'...

Talking about colandar, a blog reader sent this feedback: "I like your colander picture. I was asking ... what the German for a colander was, but she couldn't think of a word. "Sieb" is too general. Do people actually say "Durchschlag" (found in dictionary)?"

My reply: "As it happens, I spoke to my brother on the phone a few minutes ago, and I too was struggling to find a German word for colander. Never heard of "Durchschlag" in this context. From my childhood I remember my mother and granny (bless her - see blog entry here) using "Seiher", which describes as [österr., südd.: Sieb]. Mmmm."

I subsequently came across "Sieb" in a Spiegel "Fotostrecke".

Preliminary conclusion: There doesn't appear to be a 'proper'/dedicated German word for colander. Can this be right?

Anyway, more solar eclipse pics from Leicester here and here.

And thanks to translator colleague Philip Slotkin for sending a link to Adalbert Stifter's fascinating description of the 1842 eclipse (in German).