Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Football / Fußball

Since the 'Leicester City miracle' started to emerge, there has been a degree of excitement building up in Leicester, even among people who normally aren't particularly interested in football (such as myself). The international football 'statistics' facility offered by Spiegel Online is impressive. The sreenshot below shows the league table after round 23 in January.

Seit Leicester ganz vorne in der englischen Premier League mitmischt interessiere ich mich wieder etwas mehr für Fußball und habe unter Spiegel Online eine beeindruckende internationale Fußballstatistikfuntion entdeckt. Der Screenshot zeigt die Tabellenspitze im Januar nach 23 Spielen.

Update 8 March 2016:
Leicester City fans caused 'earthquake' after last minute winner!

Update 14 March 2016:
Gary Lineker in the Guardian:
Nothing compares to this truly magical title charge by my Leicester City 

Update 2 April 2016:
From Jamie Vardy's right foot to Richard III's bones – how Leicester hit the big time 

Update 28 April 2016:
Kasabian announce huge gig at Leicester City's King Power Stadium ...

Update 2 May 2016:
Leicester City are Champions! See 40-minute video of spontaneous celebrations below.

Update 2 May 2016:
Guardian Article: The Leicester Supremacy – a triumph that was never supposed to happen

Update 2 May 2016:
Article in The Conversation: Leicester City are football champions of England: I’m tearful, incredibly proud – and full of envy

Update 3 May 2016:
Tiroler Tageszeitung: Das Leicester-Wunder: Irre Zahlenspiele: Von Leicester, Loch Ness und Sparfüchsen

Update 5 May 2016:
Article in The Conversation: Fairy tale expert: Leicester City win really was magical

Update 17 May 2016:
Leicester Mercury reports on LCFC victory parade: "It was an unprecedented day in Leicester's modern history, one that is unlikely to ever be repeated".

Update 17 May 2016:
LCFC parade features in Guardian Eyewitness series