Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Spider


I’m just a tiny creature,
far smaller than a mouse.
I know that I’m not welcome,
but I do live in your house.

You never have to feed me
or take me to the vet,
I’m gentle and I’m friendly,
and yet I’m no one's pet.

I know that some folk hate me,
I give some folk a fright;
but I’m really inoffensive,
and I’d never ever bite.

I have some naughty cousins
who come from far away;
I know they bite in anger
and hurt folk every day.

But I am no tarantula
or widow dressed in black,
I’m just a common spider
with my eyes upon my back.

So please do not be frightened,
I’m harmless as can be;
I will never hurt you,
so please do not harm me.

Alice Drury

Published in the September/October 2015 newsletter of the Church of Nativity, Aylestone Park, Leicester