Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy

Some extracts from review of "Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy", by David Toke, published in November 2011.

Back in 1990, Dave Toke published a visionary book with the ‘says it all’ title ‘Green Energy – A Non-nuclear Response to the Greenhouse Effect’ (D. Toke 1990, published by Green Print in conjunction with SERA), which is as relevant today as it was then. At the time Toke wrote: ‘If we are to avoid use of nuclear power with all its environmental, political and economic disadvantages, the only alternative is the speedy deployment of renewable energy sources’, and in his conclusions, Toke urged: ‘We must do this now. We have no time to lose’.
This is where Dave Toke’s latest book, entitled Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy and published as part of a wider Energy, Climate and the Environment series, comes in.
In view of the fact that the UK is about to make key energy policy decisions that will set the energy scene for years to come, Toke’s new book could hardly be more timely.

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