Saturday, December 07, 2013

Nuclear Monbiot

Update 7th December 2013:
Excellent article by Jonathon Porritt under the heading "It can't be easy being George Monbiot" in the Ecologist.

See below for nuclear-related e-mail I sent to George Monbiot on 16 April 2009.

On a related note, see also

Subject: Let's resist the atomic menace
From: Herbert Eppel
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:44:53 +0100
To: George Monbiot
CC: ...

Dear George

I don't know whether you remember, but we met and had a brief chat at the Road Block conference in Birmingham a couple of years or so ago.

I regularly read your excellent, thought-provoking and indeed witty columns in the Guardian - today's hilarious statement "Carrier bags were so poorly represented in my sample that I am considering reporting the matter to the Royal Society for the Protection of Plastic Waste" followed by the serious message "Yes of course we should wage war on the plastic bag. But it should be our 1000th environmental priority, not our first and - in some cases - only one" is another classic!

However, in view of the fact that I having been campaigning (more or less actively and in various roles and wearing different hats) for energy efficiency and renewables and against nuclear power for 20 years, I am somewhat alarmed by the apparent U-turn by some environmentalists (including, apparently, yourself) who seem to see nuclear power as a necessary evil for solving the climate change problem, which I feel plays right into the hands of the nuclear lobby.

I strongly feel that nuclear power is not only undesirable for numerous, well-documented reasons, but also unnecessary, as demonstrated by Germany's nuclear exit strategy, for example. ...

Here is a good article, if you haven't seen it already:

Quote: "It's ambitious, but Germany can be running on renewable energy by 2050 if there is the political will."

No doubt Britain could do it too if it didn't keep getting side-tracked by climate numpties etc.

In summary, I strongly feel that [climate] campaigners should stand firm and united against the 'atomic menace'.

Best wishes

Herbert Eppel, wearing the following hats, among others:
Pro Wind Alliance,
Leicester FoE,
HE Translations