Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another example of environmental vandalism

Was it really necessary for "Sturgess of Leicester" to remove a couple of trees and a nice triangular green area on their site at the junction of Aylestone Road and Saffron Lane, just to gain a few more car parking spaces? And why did the Council give permission?

With a bit of foresight/imagination, they could/should instead have not only retained the trees/green space but improved it by implementing biodiversity/wildlife enhancements for the benefit of both their green credentials and the Aylestone Park area – after all, the high-profile site/location could be regarded as a kind of 'gateway' to Aylestone Park from the City.

The photo below (courtesy of Google Street View) shows the site before the disappointing and insensitive intervention. Photo showing the result of the environmental vandalism to follow.